Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Diary

So- Big Bout this Saturday. But It feels more like a party. The home teams are playing, so the fear of the unknown is not there. I know the Brawley is going to get low like a turtle and knock me on my ass-I know Raven will use her awesome booty block and be the rock star she always is. I know Eden will mess with my head as Sheila finds the holes to jump though. But what I am most excited for are the newbies on both teams. The ones who are breaking there derby cherries and playin their first bout at the Civic. I know I will be smiling the whole time. Make no mistake, I will play as if it was the last derby bout on earth, and I will show Lost Girls no mercy. I am a Bettie after all. SO just know i love you and I am proud of you.
See ya on the track. Lover you!

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