Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear Derby Diary,

Happy 2010. It ‘s Going to be a Rock and Roller Derby Year!

I’m excited for this New Year. Not that 2009 was bad…sure, it had its normal ups and downs, like any other year, I guess. Some years are just better than others.

I ended 2009 on a high rock and roll note. As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the band Cracker. Lucky for me, my super awesome hubby gave me a “get out of town” free pass, and I got to go on a Rock N Roll adventure for a couple of days. As usual Cracker was awesome and I got to hang out with my best friends as we danced and sang our way out of 2009.

So here we are…2010. So many good things are already on the calendar. First…the long awaited and anticipated premiere CD from The Maids of Honor has been released and is available for sale! The CD release party is on January 23rd at the Blank Club in San Jose. I hope to see many of you there to celebrate with me.

Who is this band, why should you care, and what does this have to do with roller derby you may be wondering? Well I’ll tell you. The Maids of Honor will not only rock your socks off, they are huge derby fans and support us, and so we should support them.

The drummer Lex is…yes, my smoking hot husband, but also does the design and layout of SCDG’s bout posters, and was our bout announcer for the last 2 seasons. He has since retired as announcer and become my full-time number one fan (lord have mercy). The Maids’ bass player Kelly Castro is one of SCDG’s best photographers. He has taken literally thousands of pictures, many of which have been used in derby-related articles. Then there is John Barrett, guitar player and handsome hubby of SCDG’s Kiki Clash. He is also one of the cameramen that shoots our bouts. If you haven’t seen the amazing videos put out by TAM communications, check them out. And last, but not least, is Greg Camp. Not only is he a big fan, but he recorded and produced all of the Maids of Honor songs, including the SCDG anthem ‘Black & Blue’ (which features US and our black and blue stomp and cheer). ‘Black & Blue’ will be featured on the NBC show ‘Chuck’ sometime in March…just in time for our season to start!

It would be really great if you all could come out to the Maids of Honor album release show on the 23rd and let them know how much you appreciate all they’ve done for us. And if you want to stay up-to-date on what the Maids are up to(or when ‘Black & Blue’ will air on ‘Chuck’) join their facebook fan page.

January also marks the start of training for our upcoming season beginning in March. I’m trying to teach myself that sugar cookies are evil and get back on my Jamba Juice replacement meal diet. I’m not saying that it’s the best nutritional diet, but it works for me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Derby Diary,

Okay – So much has happened since I last blogged. I don't know where to start – maybe with the fact that I finally remembered my blog password…


Let's begin with the new Cracker album, ‘Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey’ – LOVE IT!

It’s a great mixture of all things Cracker. If you’re a die hard fan like me, you'll hear a little of Cracker’s original punk rock ethos mixed with the more focused and mature Cracker of today. It's like watching the super cool punks from back in the day become the super cool tattooed dads that aged well and can still rock. Maybe I’m aging myself (and them) here, but I love both the old and new Cracker and everything in between. It’s why I really like this CD. I have a new favorite song each time I listen. Every song has the both sound of nostalgia and a little surprise of something new. Check it out at


And what the hell does this have to do with derby? Well, I'll tell you…

On bout day each derby girl has her own routines & rituals. Call us superstitious, but it's these rituals that make it possible to play the blood-sport that we do. One of my rituals is listening to music – this calms me down and pumps me up. Cracker is my go-to band and they’re always in my ears before each bout.


Speaking of bouts…we have an exciting one coming up this weekend. We play the Pink Pistols from Washington state. We’re also getting a proclamation from the city's mayor and a skate key to the city. How rad is that? I can't wait to see the doors that key will open!


Oh, by the way…how awesome is our new website?

Thanks to all the derby girls and SCDG supporters who helped put it together. XOXOXOX

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Derby Diary

So big weekend-, which really started of Wednesday of last week. While driving my boys to school I noticed a dead whale floating by the pier. This I thought could be a sign. I don’t know what kind of sign. but one of those hmmmm moments.
Wednesday night I went to see part of one of my favorite bands Cracker- at Moe's alley- It was a great night, great show- and ended with David Lowery showing me a picture that he took of the same dead whale earlier that morning. ..hmmm. Now I have met both David Lowery and Johnny Hickman before- many times- but they never seem to remember me. I always have funny stories of when we had met prior to Wednesday night but- they do not share these same memories.
But that’s ok. I'm a rock and roll girl. Always have been. I love the music and have such a deep appreciation for a good song. Cracker has many. I have no desire to be a groupie or a stalker, I just really love the music and admire the guys that sing and play them. Speaking of which, Johnny freaking Hickman plays the guitar like no other. He is so fun to watch and sometimes the things he does to that guitar can make a girl blush. Just saying. And adding David Lowery poetry to the mix-'s magic.
Having said that- I once again had the pleasure of hanging out with them at breakfast on Thursday morning- (which I had done many years ago in San Francisco but they do not remember... whatever rock but this time-it was like hanging out with old friends. I loved hearing about their families, and hearing David's stories. It was nice. When we skated away I was thinking how cool that was, not weird or akward. Made me smile all day.
Then Thursday night was all about Derby. Going over line up's and getting ready for the big bout on Saturday.
Friday came and I decided to go see the Cracker duo once again, they were playing in Monterey. I figured what the hell. And even though the place was small and it felt really strange to be sitting watching a Cracker show - which I could only do for one song anyway before I was up dancing against the wall- wondering what kind of people sit and watch shows anyway- They played a great set, and it was worth the trip to come out again.
SO Saturday -
We have our before bout breakfast bonding- go downtown on a 2 hour looking for the perfect tights hunt. Which was unsuccessful. Come home to find that my dog has hives and rush him to the vet. Who knew dog could get hives. Not me. Spend an hour there- then rush home just in time to get ready for the bout.
Now my nerves are getting to me. Shammy picks me up like she always does. We are wearing our new sparkle pink and black booty shorts- looking bettielicious. Stop for the required Jamba Juice. And before you know it- I am skating out in front of a sold out 1500 fan crowd at the Civic-and play one of the best personal game I have ever played. It felt great. My team came together- and after a hard battle - we were victorious. Awesome.
I get on Facebook last night- and David Lowery has posted that he is going to SFO- to ONT- I comment on that saying (meaning him and his band) to come back to Santa Cruz soon. And as face book does, it informs you when others comment on the same thing and somebody else had posted so I go back to David’s page, and my post was deleted.
I can’t figure it out. I have to say, it’s totally bugs me. I am totally obsessing on it. Why would he or somebody else delete my post. Was it an accident? Was it on purpose? I'll never know.
And it's making my crazy.
Today, I hear about the whale, and how they towed it off to deeper water, but it kept coming back, and later ended up on a beach.
And I thought about that- and how it applied to my weekend- a dead whale that looked so sad and beautiful, and even with all of the efforts to tow it away, it still ended back here in Santa Cruz on the beach. I was thinking these two things. Am I the whale in the Cracker story? The girl that keeps coming back and wont go away. Not realizing that I am a pest. Or is it that once you come to Santa Cruz –even if you leave- you will always find your way back to beach.
I would like to think that latter- but maybe it’s a little of both.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Diary

So- Big Bout this Saturday. But It feels more like a party. The home teams are playing, so the fear of the unknown is not there. I know the Brawley is going to get low like a turtle and knock me on my ass-I know Raven will use her awesome booty block and be the rock star she always is. I know Eden will mess with my head as Sheila finds the holes to jump though. But what I am most excited for are the newbies on both teams. The ones who are breaking there derby cherries and playin their first bout at the Civic. I know I will be smiling the whole time. Make no mistake, I will play as if it was the last derby bout on earth, and I will show Lost Girls no mercy. I am a Bettie after all. SO just know i love you and I am proud of you.
See ya on the track. Lover you!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Mom.

Dear Diary,
It has been one year today. One year since I sat there in that hospital room. One year ago when my life changed forever- and the new chapter in my life began, my life without my mom in it.